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What We Believe

Our Vision:- Be a Catalyst in Human Evolution

We are passionate about creating products & services, to be used as an integral part of day-to-day life, for millions of people. Our aim is to build products to be used by end-consumers in the form of Software as a Habit (SaaH).

We strive to use software technologies to build products which digitizes human interaction with information, processes & decision dataset.

We aim to create an assortment of profitable digital brands based on our core concept of Simputility. Leveraging internet, software technologies & mobility, we are busy in creating products that can change the way people interact with information that matters.

Its our strong belief that: Survival = f(Growth), Growth = &People @Products $Profits

Our Culture

Be Curious, Dedicated, Fun-loving & Caring

It’s really the people that make Curious the kind of company it is. We hire people who are smart and determined, people who help each other do their best and be their best. And we favor ability over experience.

We strive to maintain an open culture, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. We are proud of our transparent, humble & highly intellectual work environment. Through trust, open, honest, and direct conversations, Curious is a place where friendship is cherished & politics abolished.

Our people maxim is:- Minimum Policies, Maximum Responsibilities

We are young, nimble & smart team of individuals who love to question, learn & implement software technologies to build products that matters. Respect, trust & willingness to share learnings with fellow teammates makes Curious a warm & college-like workplace to build world-class products.

We highly value people having Owner's Mindset. Our Intrinsic designation is co-founder, no matter whats assigned extrinsically.

Our work is an extension of our personality & smartness. We aspire to be a part of building something big in digital space. Our greatest inspiration is to make indespensible products for millions of individuals.

Every detail matters!

Our Values

  • Mindfulness
  • Aiming to Maximize Impact
  • Company as Collective of Peers
  • Balancing or Integrating Opposites
  • Trust in Judgement over Rules and Incentives
  • Transparency by Default
  • Pragmatic Craftsmanship
  • Egolessness
  • Balancing Reason and Intuition
  • Investing in Ourselves, Each Other, and Our Efficiency

Curious Team

We are a small unit of multi-talented individuals having owner-driven mentality & a can-do attitude. In a short span of time, we have transformed ourselves from being Rookies to dieheart Curious.

Lajpat Shah

Company name characteristically bears eponymous personality of its founder. A certified Jedi Knight (May the force be with him), his interest spans across various fields of knowledge, none as much as technology & making softwares.

He strongly believes that, enhancing one’s competency & a will to do so, are the only requirement to attain excellence in any endeavor one seeks. He meticulously strives to embed these beliefs into Curious culture, through which each individual thrives & enjoy their work.

Lajpat's vision is to build Curious into a globally recognized brand.

Sneha Parkar

Sneha is an epitome of execution. She is a multi-talented, detailed-oriented, clear communicator. She possesses a strong leadership quality along with wide technical know-how. She has a robust understanding of market requirements which gives her an edge to architect an end-to-end software product.

Curious, sharp, focused, fast, and smart are Sneha's most prominent personality traits.

Sandeep Singh

Sandeep is a data-driven product leader with a passion for unifying teams to drive durable growth. Experienced in leading cross-functional teams to plan, build, launch and manage world-class SaaS innovation.

Sandeep's vision is to create customer focus products solving real world problems.

Sandeep is our key investor and mentor.

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