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Do Things That Matter

People at Curious work hard & smart and are given lots of responsibility, with an extremely high bar for excellence. It’s expected that individuals own projects and ship quickly with little oversight or management. If you like wearing a lot of hats, or have a founder mentality, you’ll fit right in.

At Curious, Work is not a job, its an opportunity to make it Big.

Learning is an integral part of our day-to-day activity. It sound's simple but it’s tough. Its common at Curious to work on products requiring lot of reading, questioning & using latest tools to build products we love to make.

We are obsessed about structuring our design, code & modules, which requires a unique talent & lot of practical common sense. We willingly follow an adage: Google every problem, Question every solution.

Are You Curious? So Are We. Let’s Be Curious Together.

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At Curious, new joinees are referred to as Rookies. Upgrading oneself from a Rookie to a Settler, shall be a challenging yet exciting, requiring an intense curiosity to regularly learn, share and use relevant knowledge.

If you don’t fit in these categories but still want to apply, you can send a resume and cover letter to careers@curioussolutions.in